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Online Advertising is a key revenue stream in many of today's business plans.
ParsAds (as the advertising division of ParsMedia) provides two major solutions to promote your website, goods and services:

Banner Advertising
Banner Advertising is a popular form of representing brands, websites, goods and services on Internet. It is similar to displaying ads in a newspaper or a magazine; however it could be monitored and managed easily.
Banner ads are much effective when showed in a variety of websites for a long period, introducing a new brand or reminding it to a targeted audience.
ParsAds Banner Advertising System is an exclusive web-based application that enables you to implement, monitor and manage your online advertising campaigns through a highly interactive interface.

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including tariffs please visit ParsAds website.

Email Marketing
We specialize in email marketing solutions. Our opt-in email marketing service is a safe, fast, and effective way to market your business levels. Individuals and businesses have actually given their consent and have asked to receive information about products or services from companies like yours. It allows you to focus your marketing efforts directly toward a receptive motivated audience, who can immediately contact you through the forms which are placed in the same page. Email marketing has also many other advantages:
Email is cost effective.
Email has very fast results.
Email can be targeted to direct Trades and Industries.
Email can incorporate Color & Graphics for minimal cost.
Email may sit on the recipient's mailbox for a long time.

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including tariffs please visit ParsAds website.

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