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Blog Blog Negar

The first professional weblog system provider in Iran. By using blognegar services (Blog Hosting), you will be able to easily create and manage a dynamic website.

Lycée Lycée Marcel Rudloff

Marcel Rudloff is a ground high school in France. This website which is in French, helps students and teachers to be more in touch with each other.

Darya Darya Pishegan Shipping Co.

Darya Pishegan Shipping Co. is active in marine services: shipping, loading and unloading, talling cargo, port and custom affairs. They have frequently benefited our web design and other services for themselves and their sister companies.

Sea Sea Lead Co.

Sea Lead Co. is an Iranian company active in preparing different floats specification, designing supervising and executing marine operations, supervising dredging, rescue and similar projects. They are a sister company of Darya Pishegan Shipping Co.

Royan Royan Burger

A fast food company located in Mazandaran province(North of Iran). The website is designed to introduce the company's activities and has usefull information for those interested in delicious burgers and pizzas.

Aria Aria Men's Wear

A leadining Iranian clothing company.The Web site contains sample products, shops addresses, a subscription system and other related information in Persian and English.

Iran Iran Konkour

Iranian students' website. There you can find news, articles and forums. There are also facilities for educational institutes and teachers to add their specifications. IranKonkour.com is maintained by ParsMedia.

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